About Us

Who We Are

Kappa Carrageenan Nusantara is part of Kappa Group, an integrated business in Indonesian seaweed industry. The company is established in 2012 and located in East Java. Since its inception, Kappa Carrageenan Nusantara has built a strong reputable name in Indonesian seaweed industry, known for its high quality product.

Kappa Carrageenan Nusantara is also a company that put a lot of effort in research and development and always keep the society and environment in mind.

What We Do

Integrated Business


Kappa Carrageenan Nusantara sourcing its raw material from many locations, and in some locations create nucleus (core) and plasma farming.

Final Product

Kappa Carrageenan Nusantara develop a high standard products with sustainability in mind. We also collaborate with various formulator in developing products for certain client.


Another part of Kappa Group is Kappa Nusa Komoditi, a trading arm for finished and half- finished product from KCN and Group or other company.

Empowering Others

At Kappa Group, we believe that business is not only for profit, but also to develop others. In sourcing raw material from certain locations, we build a special relationship with local farmer in form of cooperation, where we assist the farmer to achieve global standard by providing seeds, restoration of their facility, education and knowledge, assistance, and off-taker guarantee. We also put a price ceiling to protect the farmer from huge drop in seaweed price.

Kappa Group has formed strong bond with the society and stakeholders in seaweed industry by providing mutual benefit for all parties involved.

Investing for The Future

Kappa Group is seeking for the future, for opportunity to increase and improve life quality by providing an extensive product that suits the needs of people nowadays, and in the future.

We develop these prototype of invention from either Carrageenan or Agar.


Our capsule made from Carrageenan, a guarantee of healthy and halal capsule.

Plastic Bag

Plastic bag from Carrageenan is soluble; a solution for green plastic bag and plastic waste.

Fertilizer and Planting Media

Our waste can be transformed and used for plantation. From peanut, chili, and many others can be plant in this material with great results.


A green battery, one of its kind. It is a battery that you can just throw it out after being used.